Our Story


To some people a home cooked meal brings back memories of moments filled with good times spent with loved ones. To many people, comfort food reminds them of their family. That little memory that flashes when you take a bite of something that tastes just like mom or grandma used to make it is exactly why Red Letter was created. We wanted to deliver amazing comfort food that can help you relive those days past with the convenience of simply heat and serve. How did we get started?

Our 20+ years of foodservice experience started when our founder and CEO Shawn Burcham thought he could do foodservice a little better. So he set out on his own working from his garage and kitchen table! He thought he could produce a foodservice program that offered more support for its retailers but also delivered amazing comfort food to everyone, everywhere. That mindset caused us to create Red Letter. We want to do it better.

We know that family and food go hand-in-hand. Think back to some of your best memories and I bet there was a delicious meal involved. We bring those delicious meals to you without costing you hours and hours in the kitchen. We take care of you. Simply grab a bag or two of Red Letter, heat to the appropriate temperature, serve and make your own Red Letter Moments.

That’s what it is all about. Bringing people, whether it’s family or friends, together for that perfect, memorable meal.